Benefits: if your circumstances change

If you are on Benefits and YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE you need to tell the people who pay your benefits.

For Council Tax and Housing Benefit this would be your Borough Council. Rushcliffe Borough Council have ‘contact points’ throughout the Borough or you can visit its website CLICK HERE

For Working Tax and Child Tax Credits it would be HMRC. More information can be found at their website here.

For other benefits it would be DWP.  You will find the appropriate contact details on your most recent letter from DWP. more information can be found at its website CLICK HERE.

You must report changes as soon as possible. It’s too easy to say nothing or to put off picking up the telephone to make a quick call.

The problem is if you happen to be receiving too much each week and you do nothing and keep putting off making that call you could get yourself in serious debt and whoever you are dealing with for those benefits are going to want repayment.

If you find yourself in this situation then please pop into either of our drop-in sessions or of course into any other advice centre if we are not near to you.

The best advice is to take action before others do.