Help with Debt

If you’re in debt, you need to take action quickly to stop the situation getting any worse.

To start dealing with your debt problems, look at our page on How to sort out your debts. This will help you work out how much money you owe and whether you’ve got any urgent debts. Then you’ll need to look at the section on Budgeting to see if you’ve got enough money to pay off your debts.

How to sort out your debts

If you have a problem with debt, it’s important not to panic – but don’t ignore it either.

To deal with a debt problem, you will need to:

  • sort out how much money you owe
  • work out which are the most urgent debts for you to pay off
  • work out if you’ve got any money to pay your debts off and, if so, how much
  • deal with the most urgent debts as a matter of priority
  • look at your options for dealing with the less urgent debts and work out how to pay them off
  • contact your creditors and make arrangements to pay back what you owe
  • work out your options if you don’t have enough money to pay off all your debts.


This page tells you how to start dealing with a debt problem. It tells you:

  • How to sort out how much money you owe
  • how to work out which debts are the most urgent ones for you to pay off.
  • In England and Wales, if you are self-employed you can get help from Business Debtline at
  • If you are worried about how to deal with your debts, we are here and it is free for confidential advice available.