Real Stories

We meet a very wide range of situations we are asked to help and advise on. We will be publishing a number of actual events to hopefully illustrate how we might be able to help you.

Mr D purchased a £225 jet wash unit from one of the large retailers. The unit lived up to its quality for over 20 months. One day as he was about to use it the unit failed completely with water pouring out of the base and the pump completely useless. Mr D went back to the retailer to tell him the unit had failed. The retailer on discovering an extended warranty hadn’t been purchased told him that because the unit was over eight months outside the manufacturer’s guarantee they could do nothing.

Mr D was advised that he ought to return to the retailer taking the broken unit with him and to speak with the store manager. He explained to the manager that he considered the goods sold were not fit for purposed asserting that the good needs to be of a quality and durability to permit a reasonable life for use of the unit and that twenty months and a total failure he considered the goods had failed that by a considerable margin.

Mr D made it clear that under the terms of Consumer Rights Act 2015 he rejected the goods as unfit for purpose given the short period of use compared what should be a much longer period of use.

The manager accepted that the store assistant had been wrong to earlier reject his claim and offered a like-for-like new replacement or a full refund.