Stopping Post Office Junk Mail Deliveries

The Royal Mail (RM) ‘door-to- door’ third-party leaflet/promotional services sits as a Business Service within the Royal Mail’s many commercial services on offer. Simply put, this actually means that firms deliver to Royal Mail tens of thousands of product or services leaflets and pay Royal Mail to deliver one to every household – basically, “mail” that does not carry your address. And the volumes of which is noticeably on the rise. Royal Mail is legally obliged to deliver anything bearing an address, even if it is sent only to ‘The Occupier’.

Good new on this comes by way of an Opt-Out form you can download by clicking here (linked to Citizens’ Advice). Simply complete it and post it back (no stamp required) to: FREEPOST, Royal Mail Customer Services and a few weeks later you should see an end to those nuisance leaflets.

Royal Mail are obliged to deliver junk mail even if you are displaying a No Junk Mail notice! Maddening but that’s the way it is.