Working People

If you are working and on low income, then you may qualify for some benefits.

Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

Working people can claim Working Tax Credits if work at least 16 hours per week (if a loan parent disabled or over 60), otherwise have to work full-time.

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Child Tax Credits can be claimed for any children who live with you and usually 16 and under.


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Both Child and Working Tax Credits phone number:    0345 300 3900


Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit


Anyone who is liable to pay Council Tax can apply for Council Tax Reduction.


Anyone who has a tenancy agreement and liable to pay rent to a landlord, can apply for Housing Benefit. To find out more, click the link below.


Council Tax and Benefits


If you are working and you develop an illness or disability please see our page on Sick and Unable to Work


Both Radcliffe on Trent Advice Centre and Bingham Advice Service can provide additional help and support, assist you in carrying out a Benefits Check and help you complete forms.

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